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Dog training, psychology, hot men, guns, sex work and photography. Guardian and Seven are my two male border collies. My educational background is in psychology.





Can we just talk about how useful this is but also how happy that dog is to be teaching us something. Look at that tail wag. Thank you puppy. 

This dog is a not just any dog - it’s a Belgian Malinois. They are often used as guard and attack dogs because they have EXTREMELY high drive, an exceptional work ethic, and are widely considered the best working dogs for military and police forces. The pup above is well-trained and yes - he absolutely LOVES his job. 

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Nutella and Peanut Butter French Toast


Nutella and Peanut Butter French Toast

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protect dark skin asian girls at all cost

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Mom i can’t go to school tmrw it’s a holiday

I share my birthday with Beyoncé!

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