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Love the face of an old dog



Love the face of an old dog

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yummy vanilla  cupcake

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Flowers and tree stuff :)

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Having some fun with my new macro lens

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I just bought this new macro lens today. It’s the canon 100mm f2.8 L 

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To Non-Asians: →


Just because you like/listen to K-Pop, that doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to fetishize the Korean culture in general.
Don’t say things like “Korean men are ao hot! All of them are cute.” THAT’S DISRESPECTFUL.
And no, don’t come at me with bull like “It’s not a fetish if you love a culture.”…

I’m half Korean and half Scottish/Irish. I agree with you, I wish people would stop saying shit like “yellow fever” and calling it an Asian fetish. That said I do think people are entitled to their preferences. My mother (who’s “white”-i.e. Scottish/Irish) has a preference for Asian men, particularly Korean or Japanese. When I was growing up so many people would ask her right in front of me “how much do you charge for baby sitting?” or “did you adopt?” No…She gave birth to me! She got the baby sitting question so much that she started giving snarky responses like “I charge 9 months of pregnancy, 13 hours of labour and an episiotomy”. A lot of people were critical of my mom’s preferences and would say shit like “yellow fever” to her. 

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