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Dog training, psychology, hot men, guns, sex work and photography. Guardian and Seven are my two male border collies. My educational background is in psychology.

Seven playing outside with the disc

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Mom i can’t go to school tmrw it’s a holiday

I share my birthday with Beyoncé!

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quit telling koreans you like kpop. that shit not cute

why is a black woman speaking for korean people?

she is speaking to kpop fans as a kpop fan not to pester koreans with their koreabooness, Kpop fans calling out other kpop fans is ok, just as long as they dont speak over koreans which she didnt. 

Also from what I gather (she mentions the topic in one of her videos), she’s mixed. Half Korean and half black.

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Why I hate Caeser Millan



A few months ago a family friend decided to read some of Caeser Millan’s books. We have a very nervous dog who freaks out (barking, lunging at people, growling) when scared or overstimulated. When Tilly is not…

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From war to wisdom.

USMC Veteran Kenny Bass (1/4) was wounded by an IED during a counter-ambush patrol in Iraq, and has [Survivor Syndrome], hearing loss, Behcet’s Disease, and multiple other physical injuries.
After battling with the fallout from his combat experience for years, he was prescribed a service dog. The VA would not cover the costs, so he raised the funds himself. Atlas the Wonderdog, trained to help mitigate the symptoms of PTSD, TBI and hypervigilance, transformed Kenny’s life. Kenny, along with fellow Marine Joshua Rivers, and online expert Jon Campbell, decided to found an organization that would place trained, certified service dogs with veterans, at no cost.
The Battle Buddy Foundation has become Kenny’s new mission, his way of continuing to serve his fellow veterans, and help ensure that generations of veterans and their families will benefit from his experience. This short clip gives a glimpse of Kenny’s journey, From War To Wisdom.

[Want to donate? "The Battle Buddy Foundation (TBBF), is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation registered with the Ohio Secretary of State. It operates as a tax exempt organization under IRS Section 501(c)(3). Individual and corporate contributions are tax exempt as allowed by law."]

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………………..You guys this was literally just recomended to me on my dash

Tumblr go fuck a cactus are you fucking kidding me right now

Eww you got some trash on your dash!

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This is what I’ve been dealing with lately. Seven has become quite reactive to other dogs, mainly out of excitement. He goes over threshold very easily. 

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